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Making a difference for our communities

We're excited to be able to contribute financially to a range of community initiatives through our Christchurch Airport Community Fund.

How does it work?

We are a large organisation, but what we do is about much more than us. The communities we serve are top of mind in what we do as overt cheerleaders for the city, region and South Island.

When we support an organisation, event or group, we look for direct benefit to its community members.

Our Community Fund is focused on:

  • sustainability – looking after our place (we're considered world class in our sustainability endeavours and successes),
  • safety and wellbeing – looking after our communities, and
  • innovation – we're not scared to think ‘out of the box’ about something and make a plan to deliver it.

We are reviewing the Community Fund, and the possibility of it gifting grants annually. We have therefore set the date for the next round into March 2025 in case that is the outcome of the review. Please feel free to send your applications at any time until then. It will be acknowledged and filed.

When we assess applications, we look for reflection of the three focus points above. We don’t simply fund running costs or wages, but want to make things happen which make a difference in one of these three areas.

The Community Fund is a combination of Christchurch Airport’s financial contribution and donations collected in wishing wells around the airport. Sometimes we convert a dozen or more currencies!

Please note it would be rare to offer a donation to an organisation which has received one within the previous five years.

The current round of applications is open and will close at midday March 6, 2025.

How to apply

If you have an idea, a plan, a group or charity which is thinking about the things we think about, you can apply for a future round of Community Fund grants. Please complete our Community Fund Application Form and send it with supporting documentation to

Our latest recipients

The latest round of applications for our Community Fund inspired us with their examples of wonderful community conscience and projects, alongside volunteer work to benefit others.

After much deliberation, the following recipients have been chosen:

  • Addington Farm transforming unproductive backyards into a community of gardens and gardeners.
  • Dallington Community Garden to fund irrigation fitting, fertilisers and seeds for their expanding community garden.
  • Glass Ceiling Arts Collective working on inclusive and accessible youth theatre and preparing for an upcoming production of Alice in Wonderland.
  • Hoa Motuhake to help at-risk children take part in community sports programmes.
  • Lyttel Sew and Sew to turn more repaired fabric away from landfill and into usable items for community members.
  • Ōtautahi Community Housing Trust to support an art show for tenants of social housing.
  • Recovered Living NZ Charitable Trust to buy furniture for clients going through live-in treatment programmes for eating disorders.
  • Richmond Community Garden for the Riverlution Precious Plastic Project which repurposes unrecyclable plastics into products such as plant pots.
  • The Commuting Book to create location-linked digital story experiences about Christchurch around the city.